Ten Strike Ranch Boer Goats


                                                  Going for the RED, WHITE and "BLUE"!!!

 (Red being our Rhode Island Red Chickens. Red and White being the most popular color of the Boer goats.  Blue being the color of the First Place Ribbons that we strive to get.  But most importantly they are the colors of our "COUNTRY".  I proudly display those colors at the shows that I attend.)




Welcome to our website. 

First let me tell you a little about us and our farm in Scales Mound Illinois.  It is in the very NW corner of Illinois near Wisconsin and Iowa. My husband, Todd, and I, Betsy, bought our farm in July of 2002.  It was a major fix it upper and still is in the process of repair.  In Oct. 2002 we had our one and only son, Colton.  He is now 8 years old and all boy.  He keeps us really busy.   We started with 4 horses, a small herd of Angus cattle, a flock of show chickens, mainly Rhode Island Reds, a couple of dogs and some cats.  In 2004 I got my first goat.  Casper is a saanen weather that I trained to pull a cart.  Then in 2005 I purchased my first commercial Boer does.  I then purchased a registered Boer buck and I was hooked.  More registered does followed and  a few kiddings later,  we now have a herd.

In 2007, I participated in my first 2 Boer goat shows.  For a beginner I did fairly well.   I have formed alot of new "Goat" friendships along the way.   I have decided to cut back on my commercial herd and concentrate on my registered stock.   I try to keep a nice healthy herd.  We usually have some goats for sale , so feel free to contact us to see what is available.  I don't always check our email so contacting by phone would be the best.  1-815-541-0003.

I also show chickens. I mainly concentrate on Rhode Island Reds, both Standards and Bantams.  All of my Reds are 100% Underwood breeding.  We breed  according to the Standard of Perfection requisites.  No other breeds or  bloodlines are ever introduced.  I also raise Silkes, Frizzles, Ameraucanas and and some other breeds on occasion.  I do ship chicks and adult birds.  I am a NPIP member.  All my birds are Pullorum tested.  

 I do have several Ennobled getetics in the background of my goats including: DSM Richard, DSM Wobbles, 2SIS 324M, SGF L104, SGF L109 "Taebo", 2SIS "Bingo", RRD Guage, Eggsorcist, War Paint, Remfire, Gun Runner, Out Play, Starman, Tobias, Bigdog, RRD Ammo, Cash Reward, Another Notch, Circle R Kay-9, Nasdaq, Bulldog, Cash Reward, Kaptein, Tsjaka, Renoir, Circle R Lonestar, Dominator, Blue Chip, DER WarPaintect.                                                                                                  &